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14. 06. 2019


Babies usually love warm water. It reminds them of a familiar environment, the amniotic fluid of your womb. Your baby doesn’t have to be bathed every day, but it is precisely because most infants like warm water and feel good about it, that bathing becomes a popular daily ritual.

What you will need for bathing

Prepare a baby bath or special bathing bucket, a water thermometer, bath towel, baby soap, anti-sore cream and, if necessary, baby oil or bath milk, a baby hair comb.

How to do it?

The room temperature should be between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius. There should be 10 to 15 cm of water in the bath. It is better to pour cold water first and then gradually add warm water. The water should be around body temperature, i.e. about 37 degrees. Check the temperature with a thermometer. Before bathing, wash any dirt from your baby's genitals and bottom. Carefully place it in the bath. Bathe the baby briefly, for about three to seven minutes. There is no need to use a lot of cosmetics, an unscented baby soap that is gentle or just water alone will suffice. Remember to wash all the folds, armpits and neck. Baby hair does not get greasy, so you can wash your baby’s hair just once a week and without any shampoo at all.

After bathing

After bathing, slide one hand under the buttocks, the other under the head and carefully transfer it to a prepared towel. Hold the still wet baby firmly so that it does not slip out of your hands. Gently dry the baby and don't forget those hard-to-reach places (the neck, armpits). If the baby has dry skin, rub on a good-quality baby cream or oil. “Children that have a tendency towards eczema should only be bathed for a short time and not every day. You can add a few drops of baby oil to the water so that the skin does not dry out too much. Dry the baby by simply applying a cotton towel and patting the fingers over it on each part of the baby’s body, do not rub the skin. After the bath, always use a special lubricating agent especially intended for atopic skin. The skin of babies with atopic eczema should be lubricated several times a day,” Dr. Lucie Skalova emphasizes.

Important: Never leave the baby alone for a moment during the bath, not even to pop out.

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