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08. 02. 2024

Day and night mode

The BM-03 breathing monitor is equipped with an optical sensor to detect day and night or darkness. As a result, the alarm LEDs light up at night with less intensity than during the day, which helps to keep parents sleeping peacefully.

However, if the night vision babyphone camera is activated at the same time while the BM-03 is being used at night, the Day/Night mode function may be affected. The infrared illumination of the camera is an invisible light source to the human eye, but the optical sensor in the control unit detects it as ambient light.  In view of this fact, the signal LEDs can illuminate at higher or even full intensity as in daylight even in apparent darkness.

If you have a cot in which the baby sleeps in the bedroom, we recommend switching off the babyphone camera at night. The BM-03 will then respond by correctly reducing the intensity of the light.

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False alarm

A false alarm occurs when the monitor triggers an alarm, but the baby is breathing normally. This occurs when the movement of the child's body is not transferred to the sensor pad. This situation may occur in babies up to three months of age, who still have a very low weight and do not move when sleeping. In such a case, do not put the sensor pad under the mattress, but just below the sheet. This will ensure good transfer of the baby’s movements. When the baby starts moving during sleep, put the pad back under the mattress.

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