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17. 01. 2024

Detecting whether the baby has been placed on the sensor pad

The BM-03 baby breathing monitor is the only device on the market that operates in standby mode, meaning it continuously evaluates signals from the sensor pad and alerts to critical moments. This feature eliminates the risk of the device not being activated when the baby stops breathing.

If you forget to turn on the monitor, the orange indicator will start flashing, and after 30 seconds, a warning beep will sound.

The device itself does not transition from standby to active mode; pressing the mechanical button is required to activate it.

The function of detection of baby‘s placement is turned on by default. If you wish to turn this function off or on again, hold the mechanical button before inserting the batteries, then insert the batteries. Keep the switch pressed. After 10 secs, the deactivation is confirmed by beeping and indicator light flashing with the power-on symbol. The function can be reactivated in the same way. If the Switch Guard function is deactivated, a warning beep will sound 2x at the end of the automatic functionality test.

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Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

Doctors use the term "sudden infant death syndrome" (SIDS), to refer to cases where a baby dies suddenly without apparent cause. The baby usually stops breathing during sleep and suffocates. Even healthy children are at risk, and despite the efforts of paediatricians, the specific causes of SIDS are still unknown.

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