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03. 07. 2023

Nanny watches babies' breathing in health care facilities around the world

For nearly 20 years, the BM-02 Nanny breath monitor has been firmly established in the market and has earned the trust of parents and healthcare professionals around the world with its reliability. Since its launch, the BM-02 Nanny has monitored hundreds of thousands of babies in healthcare facilities around the world.

The BM-02 Baby Breathing Monitor is a certified medical device that can also be used in an incubator. The device can reliably alert to a respiratory arrest or a drop in breathing rate, allowing medical staff to respond quickly when a baby needs help.
The BM-02 Nanny is used for preventive monitoring of breathing activity in healthy children. However, there are also several indications in which the use of the breath monitor is absolutely crucial.
The recommended indications for monitoring are for example:

  • whooping cough
  • trapped apnoea with bradycardia
  • muscle weakness
  • breathing disorders associated with a fall in blood oxygen content
  • gastroesophageal reflux
  • documented apnoea of more than 20 seconds
  • an ALTE (apparent life-threatening event) case
  • apnoea of prematurity
  • bradycardia during treatment with caffeine or similar drugs
  • chronic lung disease
  • neurological or metabolic disease affecting respiratory control
  • tracheostomy
  • anatomical anomalies of the airways
  • cases where a previous sibling has died of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)

The BM-02 Nanny breathing monitor is used in maternity and children's hospitals not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Japan and Mexico. A video from a German nursery provides a testimony to the importance of the device in the care of children. This material documents the positive impact of breathing monitors on the safety and well-being of children in childcare facilities. Thanks to Nanny, parents and health care staff have greater peace of mind and assurance that children's breathing activity is monitored during sleep.

Last but not least, JABLOTRON ALARMS, the manufacturer of the Nanny, supports the British Lullaby Trust, which offers help for parents who are struggling with the painful loss of their child and feel anxiety when expecting another offspring.
As well as supporting hospitals and medical facilities, it is also dedicated to spreading awareness of first aid for babies. Nowadays, the Nanny breathing monitor is already a common part of newborn and infant equipment, so it is important that users are also prepared for a situation when the monitor sounds an alarm.





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