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01. 09. 2023

Switch guard alerts you so you don't forget to turn off the monitor

Most parents become familiar with the breathing monitor after arriving from the hospital. From time to time, the sound of the BM-02 Nanny alarm rings through the home, because the moment you take the baby out of the crib and don't turn the device off, it thinks the baby has stopped breathing and sounds the alarm. This is what we had in mind when we developed the new BM-03 Nanny, which has the Switch guard function.

The Switch guard is a feature that alerts you to turn off the monitor in time to avoid triggering an alarm. Ten seconds after you pick the baby up, the orange light will flash and there will be three soft beeps. You now have seven seconds, which is plenty of time, to return to the cot and turn the device off before the pre-alarm sounds, followed by a loud alarm.

Why does the alert appear even when the baby is in the crib?

We know from feedback from parents that the same alert sometimes occurs even when the baby is in the crib. The breathing monitor senses breathing movements and if no movement is detected within ten seconds, an alert will appear. The device cannot detect if you have taken the baby out of the crib or if the baby is not breathing. It reacts the same way either way.

Newborns and the smallest babies do not have well-developed mobility and are often placed in a swaddle or in a nest. To increase the quality of the motion transfer, we recommend placing the mattress pad directly on the mattress under the sheet.  

You may encounter this warning even when you have moved the pad onto the mattress. After the orange light flashes and the soft beep sounds 1-3 times, you will find your baby sleeping happily in the crib.
The monitor has probably reacted to irregular breathing. For ten seconds no breathing took place, however, subsequently breathing came, which was again detected by the BM-03 Nanny and therefore no alarm occurred.  A healthy newborn takes 40-60 breaths per minute. As the baby grows, the breathing slows down and becomes more regular.  

"Premature babies may experience breathing irregularity more often than healthy babies. If you use the BM-03 Baby Breath Monitor, you will be able to help your baby with the established dangerous conditions, which are apnea and a decrease in breathing rate. In the event of a monitor alarm, you should immediately check the baby's condition, breathing and blood flow, or the presence of vomit in the oral cavity, or if the baby is convulsing. In case of any uncertainty, contact the doctor." adds MUDr. Vraná, neonatologist at the Jablonec nad Nisou (Czech republic) Hospital.

Before using the breath monitor, please read the instructions for use carefully, the current version is available for download on our website.

Would you like to know more about how Nanny works? Take a look at the clear description of the alarm conditions.


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The sensor pad contains a sensor that captures even the baby’s smallest movements. Its service life is two years, then the sensitivity decreases. Therefore, on expiry of this period, it is essential to buy a new pad for the breathing monitor. The old pad cannot be "calibrated" and its use safely prolonged.

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